▣ Chapter 10: 분사


A: Are you going to be Katie's maid of honor at her wedding?

B: ____, how can I refuse her?

(a) To be asked

(b) Being asked

(c) To being asked

(d) Having been asked


________ against the major contagions, the boy was prohibited from attending school until he received his vaccinations

(a) Not immunizing 

(b) Not had immunized

(c) Not his having immunized

(d) Not having been immunized


On Groundhog day, the remaining length of winter is predicted when the groundhog is observed ______ from its burrow.

(a) spring

(b) sprang

(c) springing

(d) sprung


Recently, many parents are considering installing web filtering software ________ from obscene material.

(a) shield their children

(b) to shield their children

(c) shielded their children

(d) have shielded their children


(a) Minos was the fabled Greek king who ruled the island of Crete on which the minotaur was kept.

(b) Though possessing the body of a human, the minotaur was born with the head of a bull.

(c) Each year, Minos would have seven women and children sending to the minotaur as offerings

(d) When the hero Theseus confronted the minotaur, he was able to kill it and escaped from Crete.

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▣ 진단고사 오답 노트 정리

1. A: The restaurant hostess said it will take thirty minutes before we get a table.

    B: It's OK with you, I wouldn't mind finding another restaurant.


해설: mind는 동명사를 목적어로 취하는 동사이다.

3. A: Can you come hiking tomorrow?

   B: I'm not sure, but I want to

생략하지 않은 원문: I want to come hiking tomorrow.

즉, to는 대부정사 to인것이다. 

04. 전치사 사용에 관한 예문

A: samantha seems really pleased.

B: She received nothing but praise on her progress report. 

To 부정사와 분사의 차이점을 선택하는 방법 (해석을 꼭 해봐야 한다.)

Gatun Lake is the component of the panama canal acting as a reservoir for the waterway.

Gatun Lake는 운하의 급수지 역할을 하는 파나마 운하의 구성요소이다.

'~로써 역할을 하는'

Gatun Lake is the component of the panama canal to act as a reservoir for the waterway.

Gatun Lake는 운하의 급수지 역할을 하는 파나마 운하의 구성요소이다.

'운하의 급수지 역항을 하기 위해서'

분사가 목적격 보어 자리에 올 경우에는 목적어와 목적격 보어가 능동으로 해석되는지 수동으로 해석되는지에 따라 현재분사인지 과거분사인지를 결정한다. 

Because it was too hot, he left his shirt buttons undone/undoing.

 -> 너무 더웠기 때문에, 그는 셔츠의 단추를 풀어진 채로 두었다.

단추가 풀어지다로 의미는 수동 관게이다.

Based / To being based on the evidence, the police concluded that the thief could not have entered the apartment from the window.

증거를 근거로하여, 경찰은 도둑이 창문을 통해 아파트에 들어갔을 리가 없다고 결론지었다.

To-V를 선택할 경우, '증거를 근고로 하기 위해서' 라는 어색한 문장이 된다.

▣ Ch 07: 가정법



A: Can we use your parents' car?

B: I would rather we _____.

(a) didn't

(b) mustn't

(c) couldn't

(d) shouldn't


A: Your ice cream shop has been doing well lately.

B: It has. Many people ________ all summer long.

(a) come

(b) were come

(c) is being come

(d) have been coming


A: Are you going to visit me at the lake this weekend ? 

B: I definitely _____, if not for the seminar I have to attend.

(a) am

(b) was

(c) will

(d) would


A: Thanks for fixing the heater.

B: Not at all. Call us at the front desk ____ further problems.

(a) you should have

(b) should you have

(c) were you having

(d) had you have


A: I told you to buy stock from that company. Now it's doing really well.

B: It _______ wise to do it, but I had to pay back my student loan then.

(a) was

(b) would be

(c) will have been

(d) would have been


A: it is high time you ________ a job.

B: Don't worry. I have an interview tomorrow.

(a) got

(b) to got

(c) getting

(d) having got

13) If China's economy ______ collapse, the world economy would go with it.

(a) was to

(b) were to

(c) will be to

(d) had been to

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새롭게 바뀐 부엌이 정말 멋지네요.

new kitchen is rally good.

-> Your newly updated kitchen looks awesome.

i want to better renovation.

-> I'd like to upgrade it sometime.

It is good, it spend a lot of money.

-> I sure hope so, since it cost so much.

I am going to consider that.

-> I'll take that into consideration.

it is not older than watching.

-> It's not as old as it seems.

▣ 요청하기

Snady, 네가 수의사에게 가서 내 고양이 좀 데려왔으면 하는데.

Sandy, I'd like to pick up my cat from vet.

->Sandy, I'd like you to pick up my cat from the vet.

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The accountant tallied expenses for the upcoming business seminar.

v. Tally 계산하다. // tally expenses

The committee outlined a business strategy to sustain growth.

v. 유지하다, 지탱하다

a. sutainable, 지탱할 수 있는, 지속할 수 있는

Public schools receive an annual subsidy from the government.

n. 보조금

v. subsidize, 보조금을 지급하다.

consumer spending is encouraged to stimulate the economy

v. 자극하다, 북돋우다.

stimulation  n. 자극, 격려

stimulating a. 자극하는

stimulus n. 자극

The demand for cars decreased as the cost of gasoline soared

v. 치솟다, 급상승하다.

Company sales skyrocketed during an advertising campaign.

v. 급상승하다.

The businessman lost his money on a risky investment.

a. 위험한, 아슬아슬한

The employees receive an increase in remuneration every year.

n. 보수, 보상

Your travel expenses will be reimbursed after you submit the receipts.

v. 변제하다, 상환하다.

Gift certificates may be redeemed for cash.

v.(쿠폰 등을) 상품 현금으로 바꾸다.

Despite the recession, management has decided to raise employee salaries.

n. 불경기, 경기 침체

Fuel prices plunged to a record low this morning.

The young men plunged into the river to save their friend.

v. 떨어지다, 급락하다 | 뛰어들다.(친구들을 구하기위해서)

The prices of consumer goods plummeted last month.

v. (가격 물가가) 폭락하다.

A mutable market requires a flexible business strategy.

a. 변하기 쉬운

The company does not have the resources to cover its liabilities.

All citizens have a liability to pay their taxes.

n. 부채, 빛 | 의무, 책임

People must be frugal with money in times of decline.

a. 절약하는

The wealthy businessman promised to endow the orphanage with funds

v. 기부하다.

Reduced business activity has caused jobs to dramatically dwindle in number.

v. 줄어들다, 점차 감소하다.

This economic policy could reduce the disparity between rich an poor.

n. 격차, 불일치

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