Think about vs Think 

think about: 대상에 관련한 어떤 생각을 하다 '~에 관해 생각하다. 숙고하다.'

think of: 대상 자체를 떠올리며 생각하다 '~을 생각해 내다. 떠올려 내다.'


What did they think about our proposal?

What did you think about the professor's lecture?

She couldn't think of the right words

I can't really think of the appropriate words

* What do you think of / about his new book?

대상을 어떻게 생각하느냐는 의미이므로, think of 도 맞는 표현이지만,

think about으로 대체하여도 무리가 없음.

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