This startup uses batteyr life to determine credit scores

폰의 사용량 예를들면 배터리 소모 같은것들을 이용해서 사용자의 신용도를 평가하는 방식이다.

Singapore에 있는 Lenddo회사이다.
Chairman은 Jeff Stewart 이다.

분석 데이터의 종류

  • smartphone user's messaging
  • browsing activity
  • Wi-Fi network activity

Lenddo puts the data points into a complex proprietary algorithm, which computes how likely someone will default on a loan. Lenders then decide the default rate they want to accept.

While certain mobile behavior could impact the outcome of a credit score (like always running out of battery power), Stewart said extremely well-maintained smartphones raise a red flag in the system, too.

보험 업계에서도 쓰이고 있다.
Your smartphone knows if you're good driver
Even though Lenddo isn't used in the U.S., insurance firms like Liberty Mutual and State Farm have started to adopt similar methodology to help determine car insurance discounts.
For example, the companies have asked customers to submit information collected from their smartphones' GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope to learn how people drive, brake and make turns.


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