The accountant tallied expenses for the upcoming business seminar.

v. Tally 계산하다. // tally expenses

The committee outlined a business strategy to sustain growth.

v. 유지하다, 지탱하다

a. sutainable, 지탱할 수 있는, 지속할 수 있는

Public schools receive an annual subsidy from the government.

n. 보조금

v. subsidize, 보조금을 지급하다.

consumer spending is encouraged to stimulate the economy

v. 자극하다, 북돋우다.

stimulation  n. 자극, 격려

stimulating a. 자극하는

stimulus n. 자극

The demand for cars decreased as the cost of gasoline soared

v. 치솟다, 급상승하다.

Company sales skyrocketed during an advertising campaign.

v. 급상승하다.

The businessman lost his money on a risky investment.

a. 위험한, 아슬아슬한

The employees receive an increase in remuneration every year.

n. 보수, 보상

Your travel expenses will be reimbursed after you submit the receipts.

v. 변제하다, 상환하다.

Gift certificates may be redeemed for cash.

v.(쿠폰 등을) 상품 현금으로 바꾸다.

Despite the recession, management has decided to raise employee salaries.

n. 불경기, 경기 침체

Fuel prices plunged to a record low this morning.

The young men plunged into the river to save their friend.

v. 떨어지다, 급락하다 | 뛰어들다.(친구들을 구하기위해서)

The prices of consumer goods plummeted last month.

v. (가격 물가가) 폭락하다.

A mutable market requires a flexible business strategy.

a. 변하기 쉬운

The company does not have the resources to cover its liabilities.

All citizens have a liability to pay their taxes.

n. 부채, 빛 | 의무, 책임

People must be frugal with money in times of decline.

a. 절약하는

The wealthy businessman promised to endow the orphanage with funds

v. 기부하다.

Reduced business activity has caused jobs to dramatically dwindle in number.

v. 줄어들다, 점차 감소하다.

This economic policy could reduce the disparity between rich an poor.

n. 격차, 불일치

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