would의 용법 4가지

1) will의 단순 과거형

2) 의지와 소망

3) 고집과 거부

4) 동작과 상태

1) will의 단순 과거형 

주절과 종속적의 시제 일치를 위해서 사용하는 경우

She said that she would get up early tomorrow.

He said that he would be a pilot the next month.

If i were not busy, I would go with you.

2) 의지와 소망

I would like to learn korean.

I would like to play baseball.

I would not miss this chance.

I would live you forever.

3) 고집과 거부

She would not listen to me

He always wouldn't go to the church.

The sounds would not give off.

4) 동작과 상태 즉 과거의 습관 용법

동작 일땐 would = used to

상태 일땐 used to 만 사용 가능.

과거의 동작

I would go skiing.

I used to go skiing.


used to 만 가능

We used to work for the same company.

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