Ch08: Punctuation(2)


compound terms을 기술 할 때 사용 한다.
Latex에서는 -이다.

  • check-in
  • free-for-all


em-dash 보다는 잛고
hyphen 보다는 약간긴 것이다.

latex에서는 --이다.

연결 대상 사이에 공백을 없앤다.

  • June-July 1967
  • 1:00 2:00 p.m
  • For ages 3-5
  • pp. 38-55
  • The 2010–2011 season was our best yet.
  • You will find this material in chapters 8–12.
  • The professor holds office hours every Wednesday, 11:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.

중요한 것은 from between을 사용 할 때 en-dash를 섞어서 쓰지 않는 것이다.

  • Correct: She served as secretary of state from 1996 to 1999.
  • Incorrect: She served as secretary of state from 1996–1999.
  • Correct: The regime’s most oppressive treatment occurred between 1965 and 1970.
  • Incorrect: The regime’s most oppressive treatment occurred between 1965–1970.


보통 문장안에 다른 설명을 끼워 넣을 때 사용한다.

  • Since 2007, the consensus of the economic establishment—bankers, policymakers, CEOs, stock analysts, pundits—has been catastrophically wrong.
  • However, in order to develop ecologically valid systems that work well in the real world, the data used for development should be collected in the wild — capturing people’s authentic behavior in their regular environments.
  • In this paper, we present the tool we used to collect the data — the ExtraSensory App, a mobile app designed to collect sensor data and engage participants to contribute detailed and frequent labels describing their behavioral context.

Latex에서는 ---로 표현 한다.


어떤 list를 소개 할 때 사용 한다.

  • The bookstore specializes in three subjects: art, architecture, and graphic design.
  • I have three sisters: Daphne, Rose, and Suzanne.

하지만 해당 list가 선행 문장의 일부분이면 안된다.

  • (x) The bookstore specializes in: art, architecture, and graphic design.

두 개의 독립적인 절 (independent clauses)를 연결하며 첫 번째 문장을 두 번째 문장으로 설명할 때 사용 한다.
이러한 용법에서는 semicolon과 그 요법이 거의 같다고 할 수 있다.
연이은 문장은 capitalize하지 않는 것이 일반적이다. 고유명사가 아니라면 보통 하지 않는다.

  • Bob could not speak: he was drunk.
  • I have very little time to learn the language: my new job starts in five weeks.
  • A college degree is still worth something: a recent survey revealed that college graduates earned roughly 60% more than those with only a high school diploma.
  • All three of their children are involved in the arts: Richardis a sculptor, Diane is a pianist, and Julie is a theatre director.

만약 colon뒤에 두 개 이상의 문장이 따라오다면 capitalize를 한다.

  • He made three points: First, the company was losing over a million dollars each month. Second, the stock price was lower than it had ever been. Third, no banks were willing to loan the company any more money.


동등한 두 개의 절을 연결 할 때 conjunction(for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so)의 사용 없이 연결 할 수 있게 한다.

  • (;사용) The upperclassmen are permitted off-campus lunch; the underclassmen must remain on campus.
  • (but 사용) The upperclassmen are permitted off-campus lunch, but the underclassmen must remain on campus.

사실 semicolon으로 연결된 두 문장은 마침표(period)로 분리 할 수 있다. 그럼에도 불구하고 ;을 사용하는 것은 두 개의 문장이 연관성이 있음을 강조하기 위해서 사용 한다.
하지만, 두 번째 문장이 첫 번째 문장을 설명하는 방식으로 연결된 구조라면 semicolon보다는 colon이 더 좋은 표현이다.

  • She saw three men: Jamie, who came from New Zealand; John, the milkman’s son; and George, a gaunt kind of man.

문장이 서로 연결되어 있고 표현이 전이되는 것이라면, 즉 transitional expression (e.g., accordingly, consequently, for example, nevertheless, so, thus)을 사용한다면 그 때semicolon을 사용 한다.

  • Heavy snow continues to fall at the airport; consequently, all flights have been grounded.
  • Hyperinflation makes it extremely difficult to keep track of prices; thus a quart of milk might cost $10 in the morning and $200 in the afternoon.

  • She stood at the edge, but then decided otherwise; she walked home.


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