Android Studio 2.0: new features

Android Studio 2.1 is required to try out new features and APIs of the Android N developer preview including the new Jack compiler and Java 8 language support. It also includes performance improvements to Instant Run, and a number of bug fixes and stability improvements.

Android Studio 2.1 is now available to download through the Stable release channel.

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Instant run

  • Not all code changes are supported by instant Run currently.

accelerated build and deployment

  • overall build steps
    1. dx
    2. proguard
    3. AAPT
    4. Deploy and Install
  • improve building time
    • Quadratic dx merger algorithm
    • shrinking in proguard is improved
    • improving AAPT packaging times

Next-generation emulator

To improve deploy times, we improved the ADB push-pull protocol, making it very fast to deploy to an emulator, which seems like a really good reason to improve the emulator UX and make it really.

Basically, emulator is running on typical dev hardware is faster than using a physical Android device.

How they improved performance of emulator
hardware optimization.
- SMP support for host multi-core
- OPtimized GPU & CPU performance
- Improve IO speeds
they completely rebuilt the emulator UI.

New features
1. toolbar to enable actions
2. supprot for deploying APKs through drag and drop
3. rescale the emulator frame by dragging a corner
4. modify device hardware changes like GPS
- cellular network conditions
- battery state
- incoming phone calls or texts

GPU Profiler

  • we can record and replay the entire GPU stream frame by frame.
  • It allows us to insepct the GPU state at each stage and help us understand what caused each specific rendering outcome.

Built on IntelliJ 15

We can use all good things supported by IntelliJ15.

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