▣ Chapter 10: 분사


A: Are you going to be Katie's maid of honor at her wedding?

B: ____, how can I refuse her?

(a) To be asked

(b) Being asked

(c) To being asked

(d) Having been asked


________ against the major contagions, the boy was prohibited from attending school until he received his vaccinations

(a) Not immunizing 

(b) Not had immunized

(c) Not his having immunized

(d) Not having been immunized


On Groundhog day, the remaining length of winter is predicted when the groundhog is observed ______ from its burrow.

(a) spring

(b) sprang

(c) springing

(d) sprung


Recently, many parents are considering installing web filtering software ________ from obscene material.

(a) shield their children

(b) to shield their children

(c) shielded their children

(d) have shielded their children


(a) Minos was the fabled Greek king who ruled the island of Crete on which the minotaur was kept.

(b) Though possessing the body of a human, the minotaur was born with the head of a bull.

(c) Each year, Minos would have seven women and children sending to the minotaur as offerings

(d) When the hero Theseus confronted the minotaur, he was able to kill it and escaped from Crete.

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